Ergonomics = Doctrine adapting the work environment and to human needs and circumstances.

Often it is about how the workplace and work environment should look technically to not tear on the body, such as: posture ( do not twist ) and working heights ( table / benches / shelves). Our bodies are very good when it gets to work, but the work has to be executed in the right way and get variety in the work.

Remember to:

· Work close to the body:
– At a load of 30 cm from the lower back is 7 kg is generally okay, but never more than 25 kg.
– At a load of 45 cm from the lower back is 3 kg is generally okay, but never more than 15 kg.
· Never work above shoulder height or below knee height.
· Vary/Rotate
· Pause

Biggest working problem in the West

From the EU’s statistics can read that over 40 million (!) European workers suffer from musculoskeletal diseases annually . In the UK it has been estimated that the cost to the company / employer amount to 52,000 to 120,000 per case . With those numbers in your luggage , you can pretty quickly see that an investment of such a lift truck for 30 000 SEK . In Sweden , we have about 14 000 reported musculoskeletal injuries per year, but it is estimated that nearly 1.5 million people work daily in strenuous postures and ¼ of them complain of pain.

Most common is that musculoskeletal injuries incurred in connection with:

· heavy lifting ( containers , boxes, sacks)
· uncomfortable postures (shelves / benches , and confined spaces)
· repetitive movements ( chop , pour , stir )
· high work rate and stress