Ergonomics Then and Now

Arbetsmiljö industriella revolutionen.

The Key to a Sustainable Work Environment

In a world where the work environment is constantly changing and evolving, ergonomics stands as a tireless pillar for creating healthy and efficient workplaces. From the time of the industrial revolution to today’s high-tech work environments, the understanding and application of ergonomics have undergone a dramatic transformation.

Ergonomics in history:

During the industrial revolution, when mass production and factory work became the norm, ergonomic considerations were almost non-existent, often leading to workplaces that were dangerous and unhealthy for workers. Despite these difficult conditions, the industrial revolution contributed to significant economic growth and long-term social changes, including improvements in worker protection and working conditions over time. It was not until the mid-20th century that ergonomics as a science began to receive attention, resulting in improved working conditions and increased productivity.

Ergonomics today:

In today’s world of work, ergonomics is more relevant than ever. As the demands in various work environments continue to grow, the need to focus not only on the physical working conditions but also to consider cognitive and psychosocial aspects has become increasingly apparent. Modern ergonomics in these areas no longer just involves adapting equipment and workstations to prevent physical injuries. It also involves creating a work environment that actively promotes the total well-being and efficiency of employees, especially in tasks that are heavy and repetitive.

The importance of ergonomics for sustainability:

A sustainable workplace is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Ergonomics plays a significant role here. By ensuring that workplaces are designed with human well-being in mind, companies can not only reduce sickness absence and related costs but also increase employee engagement and productivity. Investing in ergonomics is an investment in the company’s future.

Focus on ergonomics since 2001:

Since our start in 2001, our focus has been on delivering high quality, expertise, and always with personal service. By offering a complete solution that includes development, consulting, education, implementation, and assembly, we stand by your side at every step of the journey. We believe that every successful solution begins with close collaboration, and we are here to ensure that every detail is considered and every expectation is exceeded. Together, we create workplaces that not only meet today’s demands but also prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

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