XCART scissor cart

Discover the benefits of our versatile height-adjustable table cart XCART. The revolutionary design allows everyone to find the optimal working height, regardless of height, effectively preventing repetitive strain injuries to the back, shoulders and arms.

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  • Height-adjustable table cart with battery power for easy adaptation to different work situations.
  • Directionally locked front wheels for smooth maneuvering around sharp corners.
  • Easy cleaning by flushing with the kitchen hose, protection class IPX5.
  • Made of stainless steel (EN 1.4301) for durability and hygiene.


  • Maximum load: 100 kg.
  • Dimensions: 1116x650x300-1100 mm.

Choose the XCART model that suits your needs with three different loading platforms to choose from: 900×550 mm, 900×650 mm, 1000×650 mm.


For even smoother handling, we offer XCART with optional e-drive. Electric forward and reverse drive makes it easy to handle heavy loads with a simple thumb grip. Contact us for more information or to place your order today!

Elevate your work efficiency with the XCART from ErgoFokus– a height-adjustable, battery-powered table cart designed to enhance ergonomic comfort. Tailored to prevent repetitive strain injuries, its directionally locked front wheels ensure smooth navigation.

The cart is easily cleanable and made from durable stainless steel for hygiene and longevity. Choose from three different loading platforms for optimal utility. For added ease, opt for the e-drive version with electric forward and reverse controls. The XCART is your solution for safe and efficient material handling.


At our store, you will find various products for a supportive work environment. Everything for a more sustainable workday. Easy lifting for everyone!


Drive e-drive 24 volts optional, Raising and lowering with battery power 24 volts, Manual


Stainless steel EN 1.4301


IPX5 flushable with hose and nozzle distance 2 meters, Flushable


3 different sizes of cargo planes, Working height 300-1100 mm, Adjustable height stroke 800 mm, Raising and lowering


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