Bowl lift 90E

Facilitate bowl handling with Bowl lift 90E, the optimal solution for smooth and easy bowl handling from mixer to table top. With a focus on avoiding heavy lifting, this trolley creates a more sustainable and efficient working environment.

Article: Bowl-lift 90E

Features and benefits:

  • The tapered chassis makes it easy for the Bowl-liftt 90E to fit between the legs of the dough mixer.
  • Allows for easy and precision handling.
  • Crush and overload protection for extra safety.
  • Sealed mast prevents fingers and dirt from entering.
  • The flat plate with white positioning brackets allows the lift-trolley to be used for other heavy objects such as crates, trays, cartons and more.
  • Tool-less assembly for increased flexibility.
  • Size: 420x735x1442 mm
  • Lifting capacity: 90 kg

Invest in efficient and safe cauldron handling with the Bowl Lift 90E. Contact us for orders and further information.

Bowl lift - Lifting trolley for bowl and kattle handling
Bowl lift 90E

Enhance your kitchen’s functionality with ErgoFokus’ Bowl Lift 90E, an innovative solution for effortless bowl handling. Unloading and moving full, heavy bowls to a workstation becomes increasingly challenging with the size of the bowl. But with ErgoFokus’ Bowl Lift 90E the task of  bowl lifting becomes automated and convenient.

The lift is engineered to handle the heavy lifting and streamline the food production process. Designed to navigate easily between mixer legs, this lift trolley minimizes heavy lifting, promoting a more efficient and sustainable workspace. Its unique features include a tapered chassis for precise handling, crush and overload protection for safety, and a sealed mast to keep out dirt and protect fingers. Versatile in use, it comes with a flat plate and white positioning brackets for transporting various heavy items like crates and cartons. With tool-less assembly, the Bowl Lift 90E is a smart investment for safe and efficient kitchen operations.

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