Table Scale

Explore our water-resistant and completely stainless steel table scales designed for easy and precise weighings. Article number: Table Scale

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  • OI66 water-resistant design.
  • Capacity: 30 kg with a precision of 5 g.
  • Double LED display.
  • Easy unit conversions: kg / g / lb.
  • Features like Auto zero tracking, Auto power off, P66 for extra convenience.
  • Power supply: Rechargeable battery 6V/4Ah or 230VAC adapter.


  • Scale plate: 230 x 190 mm.
  • Entire scale: 235 x 283 x 110 mm.

Experience reliable and accurate weighing with our table scales. Contact us for more information or to place your order.

Elevate your weighing tasks with ErgoFokus’ Stainless Steel Table Scale, designed for precision and resilience. These scales boast an OI66 water-resistant design, ensuring durability in various environments. Equipped with a dual LED display for clear visibility, they offer easy unit conversions (kg/g/lb) for versatile use. Features like auto zero tracking and auto power-off, along with P66 convenience, enhance user experience.

Ideal for kitchens, laboratories, or industrial settings, our table scales are the perfect tool for reliable and precise weighings.

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Table Scale 15 kg, 2.0 grams, Table Scale 3 kg, 0.5 grams, Table Scale 30 kg, 5.0 grams, Table Scale 6 kg, 1.0 gram


Rechargeable battery 6V/4Ah and 230VAC adapter


Stainless steel




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Table Scale
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