Can Opener Electrical WE55

Explore the convenience and efficiency of our electric can opener, WE55 – a robust and ergonomically designed product that easily adjusts to different heights and opens all types of cans.

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  • Built-in gas springs for smooth height adjustment.
  • Unique wheel drive technology that drives the can’s reinforcing edge from below without tearing steel shavings from the can. The knife flattens the inside of the can to avoid sharp edges. Magnet included to catch loose can lids.
  • Easy cleaning by rinsing in place. Wheel and knife are easy to replace when servicing is needed. With a few simple maneuvers and a tool, worn parts such as the knife, drive wheel, and support wheel can be replaced.
  • Material: Stainless steel and durable powder coating (motor). The knife and wheel are made of specially hardened steel. The mounting plate and can opener are made of stainless steel, with handles in black plastic that withstand cleaning at high temperatures.
  • Motor: 230V, 1-phase 50/60 Hz. Power: 170 Watts.
  • Capacity: High.
  • Dimensions of can opener: 830x470x340 mm (HxWxL) incl. handle (mounting plate 330×200 mm).
  • Weight of can opener: 13 kg.
  • IP class: 54.
  • CE-approved.


  • The can opener can be placed on a custom table cart. Dimensions 700x550x830 mm on 4 swivel casters, 2 of which are lockable. Article: table cart 79496.

Optimize your kitchen routine with the reliable and efficient WE55 can opener. Contact us for more information and to place your order today!



Meet the WE55 from ErgoFokus, an electric can opener revolutionizing kitchen efficiency. This robust, ergonomic tool features built-in gas springs for easy height adjustment and a unique wheel drive technology to open all can types without creating sharp edges or steel shavings. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, it’s constructed from stainless steel with a durable powder-coated motor. The WE55 boasts a powerful 170-watt motor, handling high-capacity tasks with ease. Enhance its utility with an optional custom table cart, offering mobility and convenience. Perfect for professional kitchens seeking effortless, safe can opening.


WE55 with bench attachment 330×200 mm, WE55 on table cart 700x550x830 mm


Electrically powered 230V


Stainless steel


Mechanically adjustable


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Konservöppnare WE55, Electric
Can Opener Electrical WE55
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