Can Opener WM52

The WM52 can opener is a manual and powerful opener that provides excellent ergonomics in the kitchen and opens all kinds of cans.

Article: 79490

Function: Side-mounted crank arm and a larger drive wheel.
Built-in gas spring that makes it easy to adjust to different heights.
Unique wheel drive technology that drives the can’s reinforcing edge from below without tearing steel shavings from the can. The knife flattens the inside of the can to avoid sharp edges.
Easy cleaning by rinsing in place, and it withstands cleaning at high temperatures. Drive wheel and knife are easy to replace when service needs arise. With a few simple steps and a tool, worn parts like the knife, drive wheel, and support wheel can be replaced.

The mounting plate and can opener are made of stainless steel, and the handles are in black plastic.

Max can height: 320mm

Rolling table article 79489. Dimensions: 700x500x750 mm (LxWxH).
Vacuum grip article 79560. Grips the opened loose can lid with a fingertip.

Introducing the WM52 from ErgoFokus: a manual can opener engineered for unmatched ergonomics and efficiency in the kitchen. This robust opener features a side-mounted crank arm and a larger drive wheel, complemented by a built-in gas spring for easy height adjustment. Its unique wheel drive technology ensures a smooth, shavings-free opening, while the specially designed knife prevents sharp edges. Easy to clean and maintain, the WM52’s stainless steel construction and black plastic handles offer durability and style. Capable of handling cans up to 320mm in height, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen, further enhanced with optional accessories like a Rolling Table and Vacuum Grip.




Stainless steel


Mechanically adjustable


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Can opener WM52 manuel.
Can Opener WM52