Discover the freedom to whip mashed potatoes, creams, sauces, and egg whites with Ergomixer, the ceiling-hung system that allows you to work without the strain of the machine’s weight.

Article: R34128a


  • Ergomixer is used from a balance block, normally mounted on stainless steel rails from the ceiling/hood. Alternatively, there is a wall bracket with a swing arm if ceiling mounting is not possible.
  • The system can be adapted for different machine sizes, with the standard being MP450 with balloon whisks (see specifications below).
  • Made of stainless steel.

Ergomixer in its basic configuration includes:

  • 2 rails (article: 40300a-FR)
  • 2 brackets (article: 40300b-FR)
  • 2 end stops (article: 40300c-FR)
  • 1 carriage (article: 40300d-FR)
  • 1 balance block (article: 40103)
  • 1 holder (article: R34128a)
  • 1 Robot Coupe MP450FW (article: R34127)

Our knowledgeable assemblers are available to assist you and recommend the right installation option for your kitchen. Optimize your working environment with Ergomixer – contact us for more information and to place your order today!

Introducing the Ergomixer from ErgoFokus – a revolutionary ceiling-hung kitchen system designed to take the weight off your hands while whipping mashed potatoes, creams, sauces, and egg whites. This ergonomic solution operates from a balance block, mountable on stainless steel rails from the ceiling or on a wall bracket with a swing arm. Tailored for various machine sizes, the standard model is compatible with the balloon whisks.

Crafted from stainless steel for durability and hygiene, Ergomixer promises to transform your kitchen experience.

Our expert team is ready to assist with the perfect installation.

Enhance your culinary efficiency with Ergomixer




Mechanically adjustable


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