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Get the most out of your workplace with the Link Industri mat – a durable mat designed with the best rubber compound to offer outstanding resilience. This mat can withstand contact with hot tools and also handles some oils.

Article: Link Industry


  • Solid top for easy cleaning and long life.
  • The hubs on the underside ventilate away moisture.
  • Chamfered edge strips to minimize the risk of tripping.
  • Adapted for both dry and wet environments.
  • Resistant to intensive wear and tear.
  • Ideal for heavy industries with oil exposure and welding and grinding spray glow.
  • Linkable design to cover large areas without slippage.
  • Size: 900 x 900 mm.

Link Industri carpet is the perfect solution for creating a safe and comfortable workplace. Contact us for more information or to place your order.

Elevate your industrial workspace with the Link Industry Mat from ErgoFokus, engineered for resilience and safety. This robust mat is made from a high-quality rubber compound, capable of withstanding hot tools and some oil exposure. The mat’s perforations allow debris to drop through, while the nubs on the bottom facilitate moisture ventilation.

Designed for both dry and wet environments, it features a solid top for easy maintenance and longevity. Underneath, hubs effectively ventilate moisture, while chamfered edge strips reduce tripping hazards. Its resistance to wear and tear makes it ideal for heavy industries, including areas with oil, welding, and grinding. The mat’s linkable design ensures coverage of large areas without slippage, creating a safer and more comfortable work environment.




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Link Industry