Ergomat Smooth

Experience an ergonomic and ESD-safe working environment with our Ergomatte Smooth.

Article: Ergomat Smooth.


  • Three layers for optimal ergonomics and comfort.
  • Smooth design on both top and bottom for easy cleaning.
  • Made with an EPDM rubber foam between the layers for best ergonomics.
  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) safe to protect both people and devices from static charge.


  • 900 x 600 x 13 mm.

Create a safe and comfortable workplace with the Ergomatte Smooth. Contact us for more information or to place your order.

Enhance your workspace with ErgoFokus’ Ergomatte Smooth, designed for both ergonomic comfort and ESD safety. This mat features a unique three-layer construction, providing optimal ergonomic support. Its smooth top and bottom surfaces facilitate easy cleaning, while the EPDM rubber foam core ensures superior comfort. Crucially, the Ergomatte Smooth is ESD safe, offering essential protection against static discharge for both individuals and electronic devices. Ideal for environments where static sensitivity is a concern, this mat combines safety with comfort. Create a more productive and secure workplace with the Ergomatte Smooth. Contact us for details or to place your order.

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Smooth 900x600x13 mm


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Ergomatte Smooth
Ergomat Smooth