Limbo work table

Explore the versatility of our Limbo Worktable a flexible solution suitable for a range of tasks. Limbo is ideal for everything from simple cutting board and knife work to production line relief and adaptation to different height machines. It is successfully used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food production and healthcare.

Article: Work table Limbo


  • Rewindable and rollable work table with electric height adjustment (230V or 24V).
  • Strong construction to handle a variety of tasks, from mixers to large cutting machines.
  • Chassis parts made of stainless steel, top plate in white polyethylene, cover plate in stainless steel, wheel clamps in impact-resistant plastic with stainless steel bearings and screws.
  • Maximum load for table top: 100 kg. Maximum load for GN frame: 15 kg. Flushable with IPX5 rating. CE approved.
  • Work surface size: 800×650 mm. Working height: 570-970 mm.
  • Height-adjustable with 400 mm travel, powered by either 24 volt battery or 230 volt spiral cable with EU plug.
  • Rollable on 100 mm castors with brake, 30 mm width, stainless steel bearings and fixings.

The Limbo worktable is designed to counteract high and tense shoulders and arms by lowering the working height, while promoting good posture through adjustable height. Contact us for more information and to place your order today!

Introducing the Limbo Worktable from ErgoFokus, a versatile and adaptable solution for diverse industrial needs, including pharmaceuticals, food production, and healthcare. This rewindable and rollable Limbo table features electric height adjustment, catering to various tasks and machine heights. Constructed for strength, it can handle everything from mixers to large cutting machines. The table combines a stainless steel chassis, a white polyethylene top, and a stainless steel cover plate, with wheel clamps made of impact-resistant plastic and stainless steel bearings.

Designed to reduce shoulder and arm strain and promote good posture, the Limbo Worktable is a must-have for ergonomic efficiency.


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Limbo work table