LD80 Lift Trolley

Explore our LD80 Lift Cart, tailored for hospital environments, commercial kitchens, food manufacturing, medical production, and laboratories. This sleek and easily maneuverable lift cart is designed to navigate through tight spaces effortlessly and meets the highest hygiene standards.

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  • Flushable stainless steel chassis, lift mast, and control handle for easy cleaning.
  • Lift platform with stainless steel plate. Various lift platforms are available as alternatives – see images. Standard platform size is 500×400 mm.
  • Available with various accessories such as a milk container for commercial kitchens, a foldable platform with Gastro Norm forks 1/1. Also available with special accessories such as a scale platform with built-in load cell and battery-powered display, rolling spear, Jib, and tilting platform with plastic bin or stainless steel container.
  • The detachable control handle with a flexible spiral cable makes it easy to raise and lower the lift platform from different working positions without reaching for the control button on the handle.
  • Lift capacity: 80 kg.

Our LD80 is equipped with safety features such as pinch protection, overload protection, and a sealed mast to prevent water and dirt intrusion.

Experience smooth and hygienic lifting with LD80 – your reliable partner in work environments where quality and safety are of the utmost importance. Contact us for more information and to place your order today!

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Introducing the LD80 Lift Trolley from Ergofokus, a high-performance solution designed for demanding environments like hospitals, commercial kitchens, and laboratories. This lift trolley boasts a flushable stainless steel chassis and lift mast, ensuring top-notch hygiene and easy maintenance. Featuring a versatile lift platform with customizable options, including a milk container and a scale platform with a built-in load cell. The detachable control handle with a spiral cable allows for effortless height adjustment from any position. Equipped with essential safety features like pinch and overload protection, and a sealed mast, the LD80 is the epitome of efficient, hygienic lifting for professional settings.


LD80 with container platform, LD80 with milk container platform, LD80 with milk container platform and platform scale, LD80 with standard platform, LD80 Scale platform


Battery-powered 24V


Stainless steel




Raising and lowering


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LD80 Lift Trolley
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